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Food Truck Mania

Food Truck Mania
Food Truck Mania
Food Truck Mania
Food Truck Mania
Food Truck Mania
Food Truck Mania

Thinking outside the box….Simply BBQ Catering has created a Food Truck Menu that we can offer and service faster then any other food truck!  Are you having an event and you want the service to be speedy yet offer a diverse menu or a food truck style menu?  Well we can do just that!  Below are our suggested menus for lunch and dinner events.


Event Coordinator/Full Cooking/Setup/Cleaning Staff
Food Boxes, Disposable Plates and Fully Biodegradable Napkins!
Traveling Fee Included within the GTA!

$1,500 min pre food sales required.

Choice of the Following (Choose any 2):

1.Smoked Gouda with BBQ Pulled Pork and Sautéed Mushrooms and Onions Sandwich!

2.Grilled Cheese layered with strips of house smoked brisket!

3.Mexican Poutine – Layered with cheese curds, chilli fresh toppings include sour cream , tomato , jalapeño peppers, shredded lettuce and guacamole!

Choice One of the Following :

1.Individually Wrapped Ice Cream Cones

2.Funnel Sticks – Strips of delicious funnel cake topped with sugar and cinnamon

3.Assorted Cookie and Watermelon Platters

4.Mini Donuts – Serving up piping hot donuts tossed in icing sugar served with caramel and chocolate sauce for dipping!!!

Assorted Soft Drinks and Bottle Water

$18.95 pp