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Quote Request – Multiple Shifts – Corporate Events

  • This form is only required if you are having multiple events reoccurring within a 24 hour period. If not please use the regular corporate quote submission form.

    Note: Shifts will be quoted all together to allow changes and updates to be clear until confirmation of booking.

  • mm/dd/yyyy
  • We only service the Toronto and surrounding areas generally 3 hours max of traveling time from our office in Mississauga.

  • *Please note pricing generally is based on 1 hour of food service, additional charges may apply for longer serving times.
  • *If different menu choices are required for specific shifts and/or any other special guests request ranging through shifts, please provide further information in the comment section*

  • Simply BBQ is not a food truck and we have a complete BBQ setup that involves a lot of heavy equipment and we want to ensure the safety our team and have in advance minor logistics for the events we cater before quoting and arriving onsite.
  • The One Stop Shop

    Simply BBQ prides itself on not only providing great BBQ Service but as well the ultimate one stop shop for our clients event needs. No more multiple representatives, companies handling deliveries, pickups and other coordinating duties. We have event rentals (tents, tables, chairs) entertainment / food concession rentals. Please if you have any request please provide details in the comment section below.

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