Poutine Mania

Poutine Mania - Mexican Bean Poutine!
Poutine Setup - Basic
Poutine - 2
Poutine Setup
Poutine - Brisket
Poutine - 1
Classic Poutine Preparation!
French Fries! Poutine Mania!
French Fries! Poutine Mania!
Poutine Setup -1
Poutine Double Station!
Basic Setup - Poutine
Basic Setup - Poutine
Basic Setup - Poutine
Poutine Mania - Chilli!
Poutine - Brisket
Poutine Setup -2
Classic Poutine

Enjoy HOT poutine onsite by our very our POUTINE MASTERS!  We will serve up a crazy poutine expereince from different french fries, assortment of toppings and mouth watering gravy!  All will be done onsite with our custom portable deep fryers!  Inquire today!

Package pricing starting at only $14.95 pp

50 Guest Minimum without BBQ Menu

For Larger Orders and in addition to other menus on our website please inquire for further details


Classic Poutine
Layered with cheese curds and traditional beef gravy!

Mexican Poutine
Layered with cheese curds, chilli fresh toppings include sour cream , tomato , jalapeño peppers, shredded lettuce and guacamole!

Bacon Cheeseburger
Chunks of seasoned beef burger, cheese curds, bacon strips and traditional gravy!

Buffalo Chicken

Layered with cheese curds and top with our signature buffalo butter sauce!

Build Your Own

Meats : Chicken, Pulled pork, Beef brisket, Chilli

Toppings : Cheese curds, Peppers and onions, Tomatoes, Jalapeño peppers, Sour cream, Shredded lettuce

Meat Lovers

Chicken, beef and ground sausage, cheese curds and a light Cajun gravy!

Potato Wedge Poutine

Layered with cheese curds and traditional beef gravy!

Southern Style Poutine

Pulled Tender Pork or Turkey, cheese curds, sweet gravy bbq sauce!

Sweet Potato Poutine

Sweet potato fries, cheese curds,  topped with traditional beef gravy!

Texas Bold Poutine

Perfectly smoked beef brisket , topped with cheese curds and a fried onion gravy!