Quote Request – Multiple Shifts – Corporate Events

This form is only required if you are having multiple events reoccurring within a 24 hour period. If not please use the regular corporate quote submission form. Note: Shifts will be quoted all together to allow changes and updates to be clear until confirmation of booking.

For multiple shifts, we have a $1,400.00 food order minimum for all of our BBQ packages per shift or $2,800.00 food minimum total for 2 shifts, $4,200.00 food minimum total for 3 shifts etc.

 Prior to filling out the online quote please be aware of the following :

1.Please be advised we have a $1,400.00 food order minimum for all of our BBQ packages.

2.We only service the Toronto and surrounding areas generally 1.5 hours max of traveling time from our office in Mississauga.

3.All of our events are held outdoors, ground floor.  We will not transport equipment through buildings, venues etc.


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