Hot Spots of a BBQ

Steaming hot meat dipped in tangy, rich sauce and placed on a fluffy white bread   on a plate with potato salad and cheese, served with chilled beer is what every BBQ fan is visualizing at the back of his mind all the time. For them every month and every season is just the right one for a barbecue. There are some very famous hot spots for BBQ in US, where these fans would make every effort to reach and take a bite in that luscious piece of meat. Sometimes, long trips on the road are planned to follow their meat masters. Let us take a look at some of the favorite spots of these BBQ fans in America.

Black Dog Smoke & Ale House
Located in southern Illinois, Black Dog Smoke & Ale is relatively new, opening up in 2009. Within a short span of time it has earned a place among the favorite hot sports for BBQ. It offers everything from smoked chicken, to smoked sausage on a special Blackdog Cornbread that is filled with pit beans, green chilies, pulled pork and cheese. what customers specially love are those burnt ends in their meat that is smoked in a wood fire pit for 12 hours before serving.

Franklin Barbecue
This is a heavenly barbecue in Austin, and one will always find long lines in front of the joint. The meat at Franklin is cooked on an all-oak stove through the night. It is the salt, pepper, the elbow grease as well as the Oak smoke that make the Franklin Barbecue the best BBQ in Texas. Texans are creakingly crazy about Franklin Barbecue that can give the other pit masters a run for their money.

Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue
Founded in 1957, Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue is located in the Kansas City and is a favorite among the BBQ fans. The growing demand of its delicious meat has led to four more restaurants nationwide. The oven is made of 60 % hickory and 40 % oak. You can wait for hours to get that special piece of meat from Kansas City barbecue that simply melts inside your mouth.

Fox Brothers BBQ
Fox Brothers in Atlanta, started as a catering project and soon, due to its rising popularity, the joint grew into a fully-fledged BBQ station. This was too good for the people of Atlanta. The meats here are cooked on slow fires made of Hickory woods. One can see the influence of Texan roots in their style of BBQ with a southern influence. They seem to have just the right blend.

The Joint – New Orleans, LA
BBQ fans travel all the way to Orleans to The Joint that is slowly making its way up in the world of Barbecue and rise to BBQ stardom. You get a classic BBQ fare here with a good slab of ribs as well as some combo plates with a bit of everything. The ideas are revolutionary at The Joint that also got featured by the Food Network.