National Barbeque Association Community

There are BBQ fans almost from all corners and stats of America and each of them has his or her favorite joint and can swear  that the meat served at a particular BBQ is simply the best. Every BBQ community perhaps deserves a recognition and foster the common love they all have for the slow cooked meats. BBQ community from different parts does find a common platform to connect on. There are some parts where the public needs to be educated and informed about the art of BBQ and the great fun in a great barbecue. There is a need to bring together the strength of many perspectives but focused towards one passion.

BBQ community is like one big family, made up of restaurateurs, competitors, caterers , pitmasters, suppliers and vendors. National Barbecue Association is one such organization that works towards bringing different branches of the BBQ and connect them together, so as to learn from each other and grow further. It feels really awesome to entertain friends around the smoker, share your notes and tips, learn from the other and spread the fine art of barbecue. There is something for everyone here at National Barbecue Association and they can join in and be a part of the great American tradition.

The National Barbecue Association has been working since 20 years and remains committed to support the needs of the barbecue community in America. Annual Conferences are held round the year to encourage special projects. Apprentice Programs have been recently started with the idea to promote different styles and culture of barbecue. The education on the BBQ is certainly gaining momentum through networking and the sincere efforts of National Barbecue Association.