Frequently Asked Questions

There are so many catering companies out there! How do I know which one I should use?

The first question you should ask yourself is, "What type of function am I having and what type of food do I want to serve?" After answering these two questions, you should have some direction to move towards. If you are having a function and you want it catered (food cooked prior to the event) then you should choose a catering company. If you are having a function where you want the food cooked on the spot, this will eliminate 95% of the catering companies and should leave you with just the BBQ specialist. Now, it is a matter of comparing the BBQ companies to make your final decision. Here is a recommend criteria: Most catering companies do BBQ's, only a few do ONLY BBQ's. Simply BBQ Catering and Event Rentals not only specializes in BBQ's, it is all we do! Ensure that your BBQ company is telling you ALL the facts. Is it a full service they are providing, will they have staff assisting in serving your guests? Is the BBQ included in the price? Tables? Full Condiments? Ice? What extra services is your BBQ company providing? Music? First Aid Kit/Attendant? Recycling? Fully trained staff?

We are planning an appreciation BBQ for approximately 4,000 guests. Can you serve this amount of people? And can you serve them in under 1hr 30mins?

Simply BBQ Catering and Event Rentals has done functions for 25 guests up to 5,000. We can accommodate you for any size function. And time restraints, no problem! We served 5,000 guests in under 60mins!

The service at our events is just as important as the quality of food. No matter the size of the event, we still provide the same great service and equipment. This is a key ingredient! We serve the food right of the grill, for 100 people we generally bring 1 bbq, for 2,000 people we may bring 8 bbq’s. Same goes with the salad bars, drink barrels, tents etc… No matter the size, we still provide the same equipment/service you see in our photo gallery. For 50 people or 5,000 people. There is no compromise.



I’ve noticed that some of your prices are slightly higher than other BBQ companies, any reason why?

Simply BBQ Catering and Event Rentals has been well known not only for its GREAT tasting food, but for its service.  From start to finish we can take care of all your requirements!  From the moment you inquiry with our office we have 4 admin staff to help you make your planing a breeze! We own an operate our own fleet of vehicles, and operate out of a 8,000 sq foot facility! With over 25 years in business you can ensure that you will get what you pay for!

I’m not sure if I have enough space for a bbq, how much do you require?

View our photo gallery below or visit our Main Gallery page. As you can see we can accommodate a variety of different situations.  If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to give us a call !

What happens if it rains? Can I book a rain day? Reschedule my event?

Unfortunately, we do not offer rain dates.  All of our events are rain or shine.  Our food stations/BBQ station etc are covered so your guests are covered in the event of rain!

At Simply BBQ Catering and Event Rentals we supply/service our own tents! We have a wide range of sizes!


What is the minimum amount of guests you require to BBQ?

There is no minimum amount of guests, although there is a minimum dollar value for every function of $1,400.00 .

We can customize any menu to suit both your ethnic preference and budget. Open year round, Simply BBQ is one of the few bbq catering company that is dedicated exclusively to outdoor barbeques. This is why we have been rated one of the top BBQ Catering Companies in the greater Toronto area. It does not matter the size of the event, guests are each treated uniquely and with special attention to help ensure you have a worry free day!

At Simply BBQ we will do whatever it takes to earn you as a client, and that is why we spend our time in the off-season designing NEW MENUS and NEW CONCEPTS for Barbequing. It makes every year, more exciting for you and most importantly your guests.

What are your Food Safety and Standards?

At Simply BBQ Catering and Event Rentals we exceed food safety and standard practices. We use specialty equipment and follow stringent regulations.  All food is transported in specialty designed cold and hot boxes.  These units are intended to keep food at proper health department required cold and hot temperatures.
We ensure proper temperatures during every stage of your event. From beginning to end. Temperatures are logged in our "Food Temperature Log Book" at multiple points.


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