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Thank you for your interest in working with Simply BBQ Catering and Event Rentals.  We understand that events come in all different sizes, require different accommodations and guest preferences.  We want to ensure that when quoting we are receiving the correct information to provide you with an accurate quotation that is best suited to your event needs.


 Please be advised we have a $1,300.00 food order minimum for all of our BBQ packages.  For additional information, please follow the link : $1,300.00 Minimum


Please choose the category below that best suits your event to begin the booking process.

Mel Lastmans Sq - Multiple Events - Large Event

Repeat Customer

Large Event - Walmart

Corporate BBQ Event

Home Depot

Multiple Shift BBQ Event


Residential Social BBQ Event

City Park Event

City Park BBQ Event

School BBQ Event

School BBQ Event


Wedding BBQ Event

Canadian Tire jumpstart

Fundraiser/Chairty BBQ Event

Interactive Inflatables

Entertainment and Event Rentals Only

Food Concessions

Not a Typical BBQ Event – Other

Are you someone that is not a fan of online submissions…Feel free to contact our office by telephone or email and our event booking team with help you.