Minimum Requirements:

We want your business… unfortunately due to all the extras we include in our bbq service listed below, we have set fixed costs associated with our service.

All of our food packages start at a minimum dollar value of $1,400.00 before taxes. This minimum must be met with a food package. For example, Package #2 – The Traditional would work out to the following $1,400.00 / $13.25pp = aprox 106 guests. This means with 100 guests you’ve reached the minimum and you are good to go!! However lets say you had 50 guests, but you still want to use our services, you would have two options.

1) Order for 106 guests to hit the minimum and with 50 guests you would have enough food for 50 plus seconds. Which is good since it covers those who want a second portion.


2) Jump to a more expensive menu, for example pkg #6 for example $1,400 / $17.45pp = 80 guests, this means with 50 guests, you would have a few extra for seconds and you hit the minimum. Our minimum must be met with the adult packages only. Additional items cannot be added to meet the minimum. If you need more clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us!

**Unfortunately, you must meet the minimum $1,400 requirement with a food package only. Additional food items, Rental items, entertainment etc can only be added in addition to the $1,400 package min.


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