The BBQ Battles

In the south of America, BBQ is not just one thing, but many things. It is all about the fun, the taste, those sauces, the ambience, the ribs the meats, a lot more. And there are always secrets involved that are seriously guarded. The quintessential barbecue pit and that slow-cooking over hot coals carries on the great barbecue tradition from the South. The Southern culture is, brimming with barbecue traditions finds all the solutions to the common problem like smoking those tough cuts of meat. There are all kinds of meats including chicken, pork, ribs, beef etc. that are rubbed in with sweet molasses or vinegar-based, tomato. The wood too is chosen with great care to get the right smoky flavor and it could be. oak, pecan or mesquite. Some other choices are fruit woods like cherry, pear and apple.

The common denominator for all BBQ’s remains the same, slow cooking and the slower the better. Every BBQ fans feels that the meat at his or her joint is the best and the sauces just cannot be replicated. The barbecue competitions are perhaps the result of these legendary grudges and to show that who is better as all of them are the best.

The BBQ Battle for this year took place in January at different venues and one of them was at Fort Lauderdale, Five culinary schools competed and the guests got to sample side dishes and barbeque brisket. There were food sampling stations from area restaurants with a vast variety of beer, wine and spirits.

Another big BBQ Battle is getting geared up in Boydton that will be interesting to watch. A large number of teams are expected to compete with even a larger crowd of spectators. During these competitions, there is plenty of barbeque, loads of entertainment, kid’s zone etc.
The National Capital Barbecue Battle take place between the best BBQ restaurants from the Washington as well as around the country. You will love being here if you are a BBQ fan. Enjoy interactive displays, cooking demonstrations and loads of food samples at this sizzling summer festival in 2013.

Louis Bluesweek Bunge BBQ Battle Royale take place in May this year and is expected to bring back the ritual of barbecue competition at Soldiers Memorial. There will be 30 teams competing made up of restaurants, home cooks, and well-known barbecue grill masters. A huge variety of smokers and grills will be used.